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The "original" BananaMousse recipe is creamy, velvety and rich........ This unique flavor has no description. It's every quality you'd wish for in your future spouse. To add greatness, it's topped with tasty shortbread cookies.

BananaMousse is a unique dessert that you can enjoy frozen or thawed. It's a cross between ice cream and pudding but taste like neither. Can you believe this flavor contains NO FRUIT or NUTS.


We ship on Tuesday and Wednesday only.

This product cannot be purchased with BananaMousse bucks or any other in store promotions.


BananaMousse is freshly made and shipped with cold packs and possibly dry ice, which may cause your mousse to thaw during transit.

Refrigerate immediately and enjoy within 48 hours of delivery.

Please note: USPS Shipping and packaging cost for cold products can be costly so please track your package and make sure someone is home to receive it. We are not responsible for packages left outside which may cause spoilage!